A day and Days around the world in the year of 2021

Followed by English translation.

本作品は、世界の一日を一枚の写真として俯瞰する A Dayと、一つの場所の1年間の様子を記録したDaysで構成している。写真は、YouTubeで公開されているライブ画像を使っている。


この様子を、視覚的に捉えるため、世界中の一日を俯瞰するために一日を24枚の写真で構成し、異なる地域の同じ一日を経度に沿って並べたA Dayの制作を行った。そして、同じ場所の一年間をまとめたものをDaysとして制作した。Daysは365日分の写真で構成しているが、本作品では365日を28日に分割し、1月1日に始まり12月31日に終わるように構成した。


This work consists of A Day (cover), which is a bird‘s eye view of a day in each of the regions around the world facing COVID-19, and Days, which records changes in a single location over a year, with each day consisting of 24 photographs (24 hours).Days originally consisted of 365 days of images, but it was divided into 28 days to create a single image in this work. The photos were taken from live images available on YouTube.

Faced with COVID-19, which has been spreading since 2020, I began to closely follow the infection situation not only in my country (Japan) but also in other countries around the world. People are living in their own regions and facing COVID-19 in their own ways. And through this work, I have come to feel strongly that people around the world are living at the same time, connected to distant countries, and living with the troublesome COVID-19.

Aiming to capture this situation visually, I created A Day, which consists of 24 photos of a day around the world to give a bird’s eye view of the same day in different regions, arranged along longitude. And a year in the same place was summarized as Days. Days consisted of 365 days of photos, but in this work, 365 days were divided into 28 days, starting on January 1 and ending on December 31.

The photos are taken from live camera images from around the world available on YouTube. Sometimes the live cameras stop, and sometimes my computers are in trouble. Hours where the images could not be recorded were complemented with the nearest date and time as much as possible, and hours that could not be complemented were used as they were.


The graph of each country shows the number of new positive cases (straight purple line) and the number of deaths (gray bars) on the same scale per population of COVID-19. The number of executed reproductions (blue dotted line) shows how many people infected by one person can infect.


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