Persona(『BRIGHT PHOTO AWARDS 2015, 2015/12)

NAME: Masakazu Takahashi
TITLE: persona
DATA: DIgital Color, SIZE A3+

SUMMARY: This work illustrates the relations to recognize the personality of people from the shape of the face.

People could recognize the person even there are no facial expressions, the side face or the back shot.
Because people make up the image of the person by unconsciously getting the image of various angles with continuously moving point of view, for example, front, side, and back.
However, I wondered that if I saw faces with a different way from a natural attitude, such as see the face at once, is the impression of the person different or not. To recognize this question, I create a flattened continuous view of the entire face using a photo. The photo looked different from usually look, because of information of the faces are increased.
I think that personality is constructed from independent identity and social attribute which is anonymized personality based on the roles. The flatten photos shows fundamental personality because of the limited insight of social attribute.